With more and more of the video game business turning to online sales, some viewed GameStop as Blockbuster Video all over again, a retail funeral waiting to happen. But a few online analysts and amateur day traders saw the potential in the stock, bet big and — through a confluence of circumstances, including growing resentment toward Wall Street super investors — came out shining. You don’t need to own a PS5 or understand the intricacies of hedge funds or short squeezes to get in on the ground floor of this doc by Jonah Tulis, who is well acquainted with the video game world (he made 2020’s “Console Wars” documentary). He introduces the players and establishes the stakes and shows how a small crew made a lot of money by simply following the market and putting their money where their mouth was. The narrative of director Jonah Tulis’ documentary follows a group of people, from across the United States, who caught on to the possibility that the stock of video game retailer GameStop was worth more than the market price suggested. Those are our “heroes”—and good on them, seriously, for seeing that seemingly unlikely potential, holding down the fort, and making unspecified fortunes from a rare event that appears to have had little to do with them.

gamestopped review

Bank and thrift deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Credit union deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Trainer estimates AMC only has enough cash to sustain operations for another 20 months or so unless its business fundamentals improve significantly. Despite recent rallies, analysts say their underlying businesses may have little value.

I tried numerous times to contact them through email , chat, and phone number with no luck. Finally, today after waiting for half a hour I was able to get a hold of someone. The guy that helped me was pretty nice and was able to tell me why my order has not shipped.

For what it’s worth, the movie never really convinces us that GameStop has made or will make any real and significant changes, as Tarzia and a fellow online-video streamer known as “Roaring Kitty” insist. When, though, has that ever mattered in the big casino we call the stock market, anyway? It was never the point, and one of the more ingenious and revealing consequences of the 2021 short squeeze is how it made that reality clear to anyone paying attention. GameStop has a huge selection of new and used games at fantastic prices.

‘gamestop: Rise Of The Players’ Review: Stock Doc Worth The Investment

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GameStop Folsom/Ridley PA is the worst business I have ever encountered! Terrible customer service, lousy management, and “game day” release games are a falsehood! Filmmaker Tulis communicates like the online community he chronicles does, through gifs, memes, “Family Guy” clips and internet shorthand, using the terms and slang (“diamond hands,” “tendies”) his players do. As GameStop’s stock prices begin to soar, the thrill of success is tangible, and practically comes through the screen. Trainer pointed out the company was narrowly able to avoid bankruptcy by raising capital and heavily diluting shareholders during the pandemic. After the company failed to gain shareholder approval to sell even more shares, AMC found a workaround to raise capital by selling preferred equity shares under the ticker APE.

gamestopped review

I was promptly told my exchange was being processed and they were still within the estimated time to exchange this. Fast forward to 8/11 and I had not heard anything so I called. After 20 minutes on hold, I’m told the phone wasn’t received. I was lied to, never even contacted that there was a problem. I was just patiently waiting for my exchange I’ve chatted, called, begged and pleaded and GameStop basically responded with “tough, we aren’t doing anything for you.” They won’t even respond or offer any type of resolution other than maybe FedEx can help you. I’m so let down, I always thought GameStop was better than this.

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I will never ever buy a single item from GameStop EB games, whatever they want to be called in Canada ever again. All rates are subject to change without notice and may vary depending on location. These quotes are from banks, thrifts, and credit unions, some of whom have paid for a link to their own Web site where you can find additional information. Those with a paid link are our Advertisers. Those without a paid link are listings we obtain to improve the consumer shopping experience and are not Advertisers. To receive theBankrate.comrate from an Advertiser, please identify yourself as a Bankrate customer.

My experience I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. That was the worst experience I’ve ever seen or experienced and I would never do business with them again. I ordered the 20th anniversary edition controller. And received a regular controller compiled of pieces from different controls mismatched buttons different colors. That is just showing you that they have no regard for your business and we’ll just send you anything. I just tell everyone be warned and if you can help it don’t buy anything from GameStop.

It was suppose to come out on August 1st 2022. My money was taken out for the pre order but never received confirmation on shipping. When I go to check to see what’s going on, it still shows waiting for the product. Well if you’ve ever pre ordered from game stop you know that they do not take your money until the product is available for shipment.

The inevitable came to pass when Reddit users posting on the board r/wallstreetbets turned their plugged-in access and organization into power, an unprecedented episode on which Deml plants his focus. You may recall buzzing about GameStop last January, as the brick-and-mortar video game gamestopped review retailer’s lagging stock soared out of nowhere. Banded together for strength in numbers, the Redditors were pulling off a daring “short squeeze”, buying up shares of GME en masse to pump up the value before selling them back to big Wall Street firms who’d have to eat the difference.

  • Did not return my money and their only reason was “I don’t see a specific reason for the cancelation” and that was all.
  • A smart, fun look at how GameStop’s stock made a small group of people very rich during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • As Deml puts it, how any of this is allowed to happen represents “a tough question with a layered answer”.
  • You don’t need to own a PS5 or understand the intricacies of hedge funds or short squeezes to get in on the ground floor of this doc by Jonah Tulis, who is well acquainted with the video game world (he made 2020’s “Console Wars” documentary).
  • While finding his way around the no-fee investment app Robinhood, he became obsessed with big-fish frauds like Enron, and “how people deceive each other to make more money than they deserve to”.
  • App users cried foul, and upon learning that Citadel Securities pays Robinhood for its order flow, directed those complaints into a class-action lawsuit on charges of market manipulation.

A high-risk, high-reward maneuver liable to fluctuate wildly over the course of a single day, it made millions for a select few and left many others in destitution. For better or worse, their stand blew up the toll booth barring ordinary folks from one of the fastest pathways to wealth. I pre-ordered the LMTD Halo Nerf needler back in November of 2021.

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It’s the pandemic and a lot of people are at home, bored. For all of the definitions and data that Tulis presents in this movie, the filmmaker either misses or ignores that larger point. I have been buying products consoles games and so much more for my kids myself family over the course of more than 20 years.

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They keep saying investigation is not complete and call back in few days. Obviously the video was good to have a police report that driver didn’t deliver item. I bought a refurbished cell phone that was bad. I sent the phone back because it was not working correctly. I contacted them on 7/27 (according to FedEx the phone arrived 7/21).

Mostly, though, they’re united by a then-weird love for a company that had become a joke among its target customers. You don’t promise delivery dates when you pay extra to ship. Give 1 tracking number for 2 packages being sent. Spent over 400 bucks so gamestop could screw up my son’s birthday. I am so mad at this store for selling a rated M for mature video game to my 15 yr old kid.

In the curious case of GameStop, he saw a David and Goliath narrative pitting a band of eccentric nerds against one-percenters perched comfortably in the highest halls of influence. His fascination wasn’t just in this unlikely uprising, however, but in its outrageous outcomes. Just as it seemed like the rabblerousers on r/wallstreetbets had the fatcats at Citadel Securities poised to take a big hit, Robinhood put the kibosh on the whole operation by halting all buying of GME and other so-called “meme stocks”. App users cried foul, and upon learning that Citadel Securities pays Robinhood for its order flow, directed those complaints into a class-action lawsuit on charges of market manipulation. The lawsuit was later dismissed and the SEC’s official report into the matter contained no evidence to support the claim.

I ordered a used game for my son online because according to their website all items bought by them are inspected for product quality. The game arrived damaged with 2 cracks in it therefore, it was nonreadable by the console. I spoken to customer service 5 times to get my full refund https://xcritical.com/ and Game Stop will only give me a partial refund even though they sent me DAMAGED PRODUCT. They are refusing to refund the 1 year warranty plan I purchased, Tax and Handling charges. I bought an item 3 months ago for same day delivery and the delivery driver stole the item.

The website never showed my order on my account, and when I looked up my order activity, there was no record. I called customer service and the rude lady on the phone said I would have to wait for them to ship it, then they would get the carrier to change the address and that the website messes up. People on the political left and right in the United States see the squeeze as a good thing, and that, apparently, is as deep as Tulis is willing to dig into the politics of the issue . “AMC’s cash crisis puts the company’s stock at significant risk of declining to $0 per share as tightening financial conditions render financial engineering schemes unsustainable,” he said. Are having another moment, gaining 20% and 48.7% in the past month, respectively. New Constructs analyst David Trainer remains skeptical of the two stocks and said both AMC and GameStop’s underlying businesses continue to struggle.

They were caught on video showing up to house and not delivering the item. Police report was done after showing video to police. Everything has been turned over to GameStop as they requested and they still have not returned my money.


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